Patent Preparation and Filing

Your intellectual property needs to be protected.  We prepare, file, and prosecute patent applications in the fields of computer hardware and software, electronics, telecommunications, energy delivery and management, imaging systems, medical devices, semiconductor design and fabrication, physics, alloys, materials science, touch screen devices and interfaces, and optics.

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Corporate Transactions

Add value to your corporate transactions.  We provide due diligence, opinions, and counseling in connection with a variety of events, including acquisitions, mergers, financing and joint ventures.

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Patent Licensing and Litigation

Your patents are your most valuable asset.  We help you monetize them through licensing and litigation. Mr. Kurtz has handled numerous licensing transactions and more than 15 major patent litigation matters.

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Since 1993

Bringing Your Law Firm Experience Into the Next Century


Mr. Kurtz is a former Patent Examiner with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office and spent 18 years at the second largest U.S. law firm. He founded the Kurtz Firm as a means to bring you all of the expertise and experience that he has acquired without the overhead.


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